Where possible, I have acknowledged contributors on the page where their contribution appears (with the website if applicable). However below are “special mentions” for a few who have helped in particular ways.

As I add pages, I am adding relevant additions to this page.
If you have contributed to this study and I have not mentioned you:
(a) plea
se forgive me and (b) remind me!

Maisie Joan Hadaway nee Corbet
(1900 – 2004)

Maisie Joan Hadaway nee CorbetWhen I was young, I had started a basic family tree from “interviews” with grandparents. I’m not sure how I met Maisie – my first cousin twice removed – but she helped me enormously with starting my family tree proper. She would send me slips of paper with details of an individual on each (I still have them!) and a tree on how they linked together. I had an early family tree computer programme and put them onto that. I then went to the Family History Centre in Islington and searched to fill any gaps. Later I progressed onto the other branches of my tree. Since then of course, a lot of on-line resources have become available, so more information has been added to all lines. Maisie was a great source of advice. She also organised meetings of interested family members. Our common line was the Pullum line, her mother’s maiden name, so much of this study originated from Maisie’s work. The rest – in a way-  is in a way down to her too because it is thanks to Maisie that I got hooked!

Keith & Sophie Pullum:
for sharing a large number of documents and photographs

Music Hall and Minstrels

Thank you to Jean Thomas for her help with information on Harry Templeton’s part in the Christy Minstrels and Moore & Burgess Minstrels.

Thank you to Abigail Pullen, who drew my attention to the name change and so helped complete a line.


 (Last updated 25.02.18)

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