Births in Ireland

Only 2 birth records were found and when one was viewed it was found to not be Pullum but Fullum.

Then one Margery Pullum_Bap_1651birth that was correct is for
Margery daughter of Thomas
Baptised 26th October 1651
St John the Evangelist, Dublin
(another result for Mary Pullum proved to be the same entry mistranscribed)


Margery Pullum_Bap_1651(snip)(click on images to enlarge)



Evidence of other Pullums born in Ireland were:

Francisca or Frances Pullum (or perhaps Fullum) was baptised on  the 28th July 1805 at St. Nicholas, Dublin. Her parents were Jack/Joe and Bridget nee Carlan.

James Pullum, a butcher, boarding with a family in Herkimer, New York,
aged 45 found on the 1905 New York State Census
which states Ireland as his place of birth.
However I cannot find his birth (yet).
Also limited further research suggests the name may have been misrecorded.

Sabian Pullum mother of Timotheus Lynch baptised 30th January 1867
in Rathmorre, Kerry

Patt Pullum, a witness to a marriage in on 9th April 1815 in Athboy, Meath, Ireland
A similar record with a husband and wife (Thomas & Margarita) with the name Pullum being witnesses was found but examination showed that it was again a mistranscription of Fullum.

John Pullum, Tailor, aged 44 born in Keennine (?Keenan), Ireland and his wife Jane, aged 45 born in Dingall, Ireland were found on the England & Wales 1851 census but only from one source (TRANSCRIPTION ONLY) and it was NOT found on a repeat search later or on future censuses.


Only one definite birth record was found and there is little evidence that any other Pullums were in fact born in Ireland. Even for the Margery, whose record has been confirmed as being Pullum, no further records have yet been found.

More may become evident with further research.

Last updated 01.04.2018