First name trends 1837 -2006

For the years 1837 – 2006, names with more than 5 occurrences (1.64% of the total) were compared. Obviously this means the numbers involved are very small.

For females, there were 10 such names, representing 30% of the total (305).
The commonest being Mary which represented 5%.

Female names pie chart (150728)

For males, there were 14 such names, representing 52% of the total (304).
The commonest being William which represented 7%.

Male names pie chart (150728)

Therefore males are more likely to have a “family” name. This may be because daughters would be named after their mothers who were not born a Pullum.

Having a first name that was a trend in the family, was more common before the end of WWI for both, but for males continued slightly longer.

For females, Mary was the commonest name, but Elizabeth and Caroline were more consistent over time. (click graph to enlarge)Female name trends

For males, William is represented in every time section maximum around 1890 – 1914.  Before this Charles, Henry  and Frederick were more common the William. (click graph to enlarge)Male name trends

William being the commonest leads onto another family tradition associated with names.
That of having the middle name Banner. This started with the birth of  William Banner Pullum, born in 1844, who was the son of the couple in “A fine Romance?”

updated: 28.07.15

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