England and Wales 1851 Census


Sources of data         Gender                          Ages                           Relationships

Residences                 Place of Birth             Occupations             Summary

Data for analysis of the 1851 census was obtained from several on line sources, which were then compared and combined to obtain a final data set. This process preceeds the anaylsis below:


Sources and number of Pullum results returned for each
UK Census on Line (UK) 52
Find my Past (FMP) 29
Ancestry (A) 41
Family Search (FS) 29
My own family tree (T) (2) 30

Combining and comparing all these sources gave a of 66 different individuals

In results from all sources 14
On all but Ancestry 4
Only on Ancestry
Half of a family who had not been transcribed as they were on a 2nd page
Only on Ancestry & my tree
4 had not been transcribed on UK as the family was on 2 pages
On UK, Ancestry & my tree 7
On Ancestry, FMP & Family Search 6
Only on UK
4 may have been mis-transcribed on Ancestry & were Pullum but an individual, couple and a family of 4 were correctly transcribed on Ancestry and were not Pullum. A family of 7 later found to be Pullum & later (after 1861 census) added to my tree
On all but my tree (1) (two of these were added to my tree after research) 6
Total 66
 Note (1)
The 5 who were in all other search results but not on my tree were a single family and a previously unknown daughter of a 2nd marriage (her half brother is in an orphanage) and visiting a family friend).
Later her mother Ann was found to one of the others in the results

The family were: Aaron, Head aged 36; Maria, Wife aged 26; Joseph, son aged 6; Hannah, daughter aged 3; John, son aged 6 months
 Note (2)
On my tree and known to be alive in 1851 but not found in the results were3 women born Pullum but now married: Caroline, Charlotte & Harriett.
There was only one other Henry Ebenezer. He was aged 23 and is not on the 1851 census with his parents and is not yet married. So far I have not found him in 1851. As a musician, he may have travelled. He also may have used his stage name Harry Templeton but I have not found him with this name either.

Individuals were included in the analysis unless:
* after examining the original, it was clear the name had been mis-transcribed
* after examining the original and doing further research, it was possible to establish that the name had been mis-recorded in 1851.
15 Individuals were excluded for these reasons.

Total analysed therefore (66 – 15) = 51

Additional note (added 01.09.15): Couple 14 born in Ireland
Was found from ONLY ONE source and NOT found on a repeat search later.


1851 Gender
7 of the women (maybe 8 – no data) were wives and therefore not born Pullum


The age range was 6 months to 69 years

1851 Ages


30 individuals were already on my own tree and two individuals and a family of 7 were added.
These therefore were related to each other and descended from Joseph PULLUM (1757 – 1846) and his wife Marie/Mary Le Franc /Free (1760 – 1843)
(7 households of 4 families and 3 individuals) = 39 (76%)
There was the family headed by Aaron PULLUM
(1 household of 5) = 5
The remaining 7 included were questionably Pullums (as the original could not be examined).
1 possibly 2 couples and 3 individuals = 7

1851 Relationships


1851 residencesFamily tree with residences (click picture to enlarge)
1851 Family tree with residences

1851 residences graph1851 Residences mapclick map to enlarge

 Place of Birth

1851 place of birth1851 place of birth graphThe majority (53%) were born in London & Middlesex (the areas in Middlesex are now London) Those in Surrey and Kent are close & half are areas now in London (18%)
This is a total of 71% in the now London area.

All but 3 are from the East of England and 2 of these are from Ireland
(where unclear as transcript only)

Of the ones known to be from the same descendants:
Four were “outliers”, from Sussex, Norfolk and Bristol
Three of these were wives i.e. not born Pullum.
The fourth is the child who was born in Cambridgeshire but her father & half-brother born in London. Her mother was born in the same place as her.

Of the ones not known to be from the same descendants:
3 individuals were from fairly nearby
Camberwell, (then Surrey); Greenwich (recorded as Kent) and Suffolk (? Hardbrook)
The others were not , Lincolnshire (2) and Ireland (2)

1851 place of birth UKplace of birth map London Middxclick maps to enlarge


1851 occupations1851 occupations by industry 1851 occupations table


66 individuals with the surname Pullum found from 5 sources
15 individuals on further research found not to be Pullum

39 (7 households) individuals had a common ancestor or had married into the family
The other 12 consisted of a family of 5, 2 couples and 3 individuals

41% were female and 59% male

The age range was 6 months to 69 years
The majority (63%) were under 21 and the other peak was in the 26 – 30 age group (12%)

There seemed to be 14 households of 5 families, 7 individuals and 2 couples

57% were living in Shoreditch with another 33% in other parts of London/Middlesex/Surrey (these areas are now all in London)

71% were born in the now London area
3 not born in this area were wives (i.e. not born Pullum)
Of the other “outliers” two were known to be related to the London family.

The majority (61%) had no occupation, being wives & children
Half of those with occupations were in manufacturing/retail industries
(Artifical florist (3) Laceman, Shoemaker, Tailor, Miliner, Habberdasher’s apprentice, Baker)

A tree for the 39 with a common ancestor has been constructed
Trees for the remaining 12 have been started
Maps of birth place and residence have been made


 (Last updated 01.08.2015)
(Small addition: 26.11.2016)

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