Scotland Census 1841 – 1901

Search Results

Searches of the Scotland census revealed no results except on which revealed 3 results.

  • One result from the 1911 census was mistranscribed and was for a previously identified family – Henrietta Fredrica Pullum nee Myers (born in Gabriels, Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand) and her 2 daughters Ellen and Mary, living at this time at 8 Fairfax Road, Hornsey, North London, England and under her occupation, she has noted “husband away”.
    (More details on this family can be found here)
  • The result from the 1891 census is a transcription only and is for George Pullum aged 31 (born about 1860) in Oldhamstocks, Haddingtonshire. He is a railway engine driver and lodging with the Findlay family at Coburg Place, 293 Spring Road, Glasgow Maryhill, Lanarkshire.
    So far, I have found no George Pullum that corresponds to this one on any other census or in other records. Therefore this may well be a mistranscription.
  • The third result is from the 1841 census and again is a transcription only. This record is for Margaret Pullum aged 75 (born about 1766, note the ages were rounded up for this census). She is lodging with the Ferguson family at Renfield St, Barony, Lanarkshire.
    Although I have found no corresponding individual for this person, Pullum is more than likely to be her married name. Also I have less records from this early on.


It is very unlikely that there were any Pullums in Scotland up to 1901.

Eliza Anne Pullum died age 30 in 1858 in Glasgow and is probably the first wife of Henry Ebenezer (Templeton) Pullum and so possibly while on tour.

Post 1837, there was only two births recorded, three marriages  and two deaths.

 (Last updated 22.04.2017)


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