UK and Ireland Family Tree: Outliers

I have records for some UK & Ireland Pullums that do not fit with the “main” tree.
Some may fit that tree after additional information has been found.
On some occasions, further research has shown that the individuals were not Pullums.
Many are individual records, some have been put into small trees.
These outliers have been organised as follows:

 England  London  before 1700
 1701 – 1900
 after 1901
 Non- London  before 1700 by county
1701 – 1900 by county
 after 1901 by county
 Unknown UK Location


England Pullums


organised by the date of the first record found

before 1700

Mainly individual records.
3 baptisms, one burial and one US immigration.

One family reconstructed for Thomas Pullum born about 1608

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1701 – 1900

One baptism, 4 births, 2 marriages, 2 deaths (one with a burial) and 2 censuses.
At least 2 could probably be linked to the “main” tree if certificates were obtained as they are children who died as infants.

2 familes have been reconstructed:

Descendants of Joseph Pullum born about 1760

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Descendants of Joseph Pullum born about 1870

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After 1901

All recent records. One baptism, 7 births (some have the same mother), one marriage (probably a second marriage) and a death. One family has been reconstructed (all living). Most of these almost certainly would be linked to the “main” tree if certificates were obtained.


organised by the date of the first record found,
and then by county.

before 1700

Cambridge – one baptism (transcription only).

Dorset – 2 baptisms (sisters).

Essex – 1 court record.

Gloucestershire – 1 baptism, 1 marriage (different families).

Norfolk – 1 baptism, 1 marriage, 1 burial.

Oxfordshire – 1 marriage, 1 burial (different individuals).

Somerset – One baptism, 2 marriages and 2 burials.
Also one birth, 2 marriages, 5 deaths (including 2 unnamed infants) but these records are transcriptions only and all but one from the same source.
5 possible families have been reconstructed.
(1) Richard Pullum (1589) son of William

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(2) Ammory Pullum (born about 1606)

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(3) Thomas Pullum (born about 1585)

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(4) William Pullum (born about 1565)

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(5) John Pullum (born about 1560) – may be 2 individuals.

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Suffolk – one baptism (transcription only).

Surrey – one baptism (damaged).

Yorkshire – 2 baptisms, 2 burials (different individuals).

1701 – 1900

Cornwall – One baptism, One census (7 individuals).

Essex – One baptism.

Gloucestershire – 3 births, 3 marriages, one prison record.
2 possible families reconstructed:
(1) William Pullum (b. abt. 1720)

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(2) William Pullum (b. abt 1785). Note name changes.

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Kent – One census (1 individual).

Lincolnshire – one census (2 individuals).

Norfolk – 1 baptism, 2 burials.

Oxfordshire – one baptism (illegitamate), one burial.

Suffolk – 3 baptisms, one birth, one marriage (all transcriptions), one census.
One possible family.
John Pullum (b. abt 1740)

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Surrey – one census transcription (one individual), one other census of 3 individuals (maybe Pullum or Pullin, but census either side suggests not Pullum but Pullen).

Sussex – One birth, one baptism (transcription only).

Yorkshire – 7 births, one with an associated census (may be Pullam or Pullan), one other census (which could be the same individual as in the other census), one marriage.

After 1901

Most of these can be grouped into families and it is likely could be linked to the “main” tree if certificates were obtained.

Bedfordshire – 7 births (5 Pullum mothers).

Cornwall – 2 births (one Pullum father).

Dorset – 5 births (2 Pullum mothers, one Pullum  father).

Essex – 15 births (5 Pullum mothers, 5 Pullum fathers).

Gloucestershire – One electoral register.

Hertfordshire – One birth (Pullum father).

Kent – 2 births (one Pullum father).

Lincolnshire – One electoral register, court record and other directory record (single individual) & one birth record (Pullum father).

Norfolk – 3 births (2 Pullum mothers) and one marriage (male Pullum)

Surrey – One birth (Pullum mother).

Yorkshire – One marriage (female Pullum) but the forename suggests a Welsh heritage. She has a later marriage in Sussex.

Unknown UK location

3 recent records. A birth, electoral register & delegates list.

Scotland Pullums

Only 2 individuals (one record for each) both females that may be living.

Ireland Pullums

There are 7 solitary records. They are listed on the Ireland births page.

Last updated: 04.07.2018