Marriages UK

Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales began on 1st July 1837. I have therefore divided this section into pre and post 1837.

Sources for all the results will be added later.

Pre 1837

I have records for this period but have not analysed them.

Post 1837 (to 2006)

brown_pullum wedding (2)
Marriage of Edith Louise Pullum and John Brown on 24th January 1926

Using Free BMD on line, records were available from 1st July 1837 when civil registration of marriages began in England and Wales until 1983.  I have found the first marriage for a Pullum was on 13th May 1938 and the last marriage found in this period was in the last quarter of 1973. However other sources have provided evidence of marriages between 1973 and 1983 (these will be included in the analysis later).

Results described above showed:

Results found 305
Duplicate results 7
Therefore the number of Registrations 298
Two registrations were for the same marriage (as one person aka) 1
Therefore Total marriages for this period 297
The number of individual Pullums will be less as some married twice (number TBC later)

Graphs for post 1937 UK Marriages

Marriages Scotland

As of Dec 2016, 3 marriages have been found in Scotland.

One was the third marriage of the man born in Scotland in 1945. However he has travelled extensive in the meantime including to London, Kent (where he married his first wife), Yorkshire, Cambridge and the USA (where his second wife was born).

Another marriage in 2013, took place in Stonehaven and East Kincardine district. This was a female Pullum, who was born in Harlow, Essex in 1978. He family had come from Hackney, although her paternal grandmother was probably of dutch descent.

The third was again a female who was born in Essex, in 1936 in Romford.  This was her second marriage and took place in 1961 in Aberdeen Southern District, her first marriage had been in Romford. Her family came from Camberwell.

Marriages Ireland

None found – the only evidence of Pullum families in Ireland are on the births in Ireland page

Marriages USA

Marriages Australia and New Zealand

Only 2 marriages that took place in Australia have been found.
Both grooms and one of the brides were born in England.

No marriages found took place in New Zealand,
but a New Zealand born bride (of British parents) married in Fulham, London, England.

All 3 grooms were brothers.

All are detailed at the bottom of the page in Pullums in Australia.

 (Last updated 22.12.2016)

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