Post 1837 Marriages England & Wales

Using the results from  Free BMD on line, for the period 1837 to 1983
(Note other sources have provided evidence of other marriages in this period and will be added when they have been anaylsed)

Results found 305
Duplicate results 7
Therefore the number of Registrations 298
Two registrations were for the same marriage (as one person aka) 1
Therefore Total marriages for this period 297
The number of individual Pullums will be less as some married twice (number TBC later)

FreeBMD Male Female marriagesThe number of Pullums who were male was slightly less than the number of female Pullums

For all graphs, click to enlarge

There was a gradual increase in marriages with a peak in 1940

FreeBMD marriages by yearThe male peak was also in 1940 but the females had a second peak in 1950FreeBMD marriages male & female by year

This page will be updated as more sources are added to the data

(last updated 17.08.15)

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