Banner Pullums

The first

The first Pullum to be given the middle name Banner, was William Banner Pullum, son of William Pullum and Jane Susannah Pullum nee Slatter, born on the 27th of May 1844.William Banner Pullum baptismBanner was his maternal grandmother’s maiden name. It is not clear why he was given this rather than his own mother’s maiden name, as was normally the case. (His brother Thomas had Slatter as his middle name).

Was it the Money?

Family legend suggests that the Banner name was related to a family fortune, maybe even involving Hastings Castle! (absolutely no evidence)

Thomas Banner

Thomas Banner (left) was born on the 3rd March 1762 to Henry Banner and Sarah Banner nee Hancock.

He married Jane Jones and had seven children, his second daughter being  Jane Mary, who married Thomas Slatter and it was their daughter who was the mother of the first William Banner Pullum.

Thomas Banner was a chairmaker but was also involved in politics and one legend says that Banner Street in  the city of London was named after him. That would indicate the fortune was connected to him.

However another legend says that Banner Street’s namesake was a ships captain in the Hudson’s Bay company, whose regalia was handed down in an oak chest through the Pullum family until it was destroyed in WWII.William Banner Alexander Pullum

The second legend states that Banner was added to the name  as a family fortune was stolen by lawyers around the beginning of the century.  There is evidence supporting this story but the Banner name had been added earlier. Perhaps it was revived to regain the fortune.

Line of Descent

Initially the name William Banner Pullum was passed from father to eldest son. However by only the third generation, the eldest son died soon after birth. The second born was given the same name but then his son died young and produced only one child, who was a daughter.

Three others have had the name William Banner Pullum or a variant of it, but the line is not an obvious one as seen below.Banner pullum trees2

click tree to enlarge

Hopefully more can be added to this story later…


See also the passing on of the name Hundreds.

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