A Fine Romance? (and the start of the Banner Pullums)

 William Pullum, eldest son of William Pullum, a milliner, and Susannah Abbey was born in Gray’s Inn Lane, Holborn, London, England on the 29th of May 1824 and baptised on the 21st June of the same year at St Andrew’s Church.

William Pullum 1824
Aged 17 (1841) he was indentured for seven years from 1841 to James Perren, a lanier (person involved in the wool trade).

William Pullum Indentureclick to enlarge

While serving this apprenticeship, legend has it that he ran away with Jane Susannah Slatter, Jane Mary Slatter nee Banner and daughter Jane Susannah
originally from Hasting, Sussex, the daughter of Thomas Slatter, a butcher and Jane Mary Slatter neé Banner.
Birth Jane Susannah Slatter

She had been at school when they ran away and she was brought back home by her parents and was made a ward of chancery.

However, on the 7th May 1844, William and Jane married, at St Paul’s Church, Islington, London by licence.MarriageLicence-Pullum_Slatter
By paying a fee for a marriage licence, it meant that they could marry quicker than normal as they could avoiding the delay and publicity of calling banns on three successive Sundays.

The witnesses, John Carter and Elizabeth Pattison, had been witnesses at other marriages at that church over the previous four months. This suggests that their families may not have agreed to the marriage. They are both recorded as being of age. In fact,  Jane was 21 but William was only aged 19. Furthermore, he had not completed his apprenticeship and his indenture papers had required him to sign that he would not “contract matrimony within the said term”. His occupation on the marriage record is not draper but artificial florist.Marriage-Pullum_Slatter

On the 27th of May the same year, i.e. less than three weeks later, their first child was born. When he was baptised on 11th August, he was given the name William Banner Pullum. William Banner Pullum baptismBanner was his maternal grand mother’s maiden name. Whether this represented as reconciliation with her family, is unknown but Banner as a middle name has continued in some of the family lines.

William and Jane had 8 more children until Jane’s death in 1865. William re married in 1867 to Frances Louisa Jones and they had six children. Frances died in 1909 William died a year later in Shoreditch Infirmary.

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