A Grand Concert

Henry Alfred Pullum (my great great grandfather), known as Harry was born on the 27th of June 1849 in Shepperton Cottages, New North Road, Hoxton, London, England, near the west part of the Regents canal.

Henry Alfred Pullum Baptism 1849He was third son (4th child) of William Pullum and Jane Susannah neé Slatter. He was baptised at St Mary’s Church in Islington, a short distance north of where they lived.St Mary's Islington c1821

By 1851 the family had moved south of the canal to 16 Hyde Place, Shoreditch. (There was another household at this address also). Henry was still the youngest child but also in the household was Emma Wyles, a 22 year old servant.

On the next census in 1861, the family had moved north again to 10 Curate House, Cottage Place, Elder Walk, Islington. Harry was at school and there were now 4 younger siblings (2 boys and 2 girls). Another brother was born the following year.

On June 12th 1865, when Harry is aged 15 his mother, Susannah, died.
(His father marries two years later and has 6 more children).

St John the Baptist, Hoxton

When he is 21, on the 18th of October 1870 at St John the Baptist church in Hoxton, he marries Elizabeth Clara (mostly recorded as Clara but possibly also known as Edith) Stevens, the 19 year old daughter of George Stevens a watchmaker from Shoreditch and his wife Charlotte Rebecca neé Fuller.


Six months later they are living at 9 Gastigny Place, Finsbury, London. (immediately north of the city and not far from Banner Street which was allegedly named after his maternal great grandfather – but that is another story!) His wife’s older sister is with them (at least on the night of the census). Harry is an artificial florist, the same occupation as his father, and his wife (recorded as Clara) is a brace maker.

Harry and Clara have 2 children in 1871 and 1873 but only after the birth of their third child in 1876 are they baptised together at St John The Baptist Church on the 7th of July 1876.
At this time they were living at 48 St James’s Street in Shoreditch.

BHenry Alfred and Elizabeth Clara Pullum Childreny 1878 the family have moved to 30 Bridport Place, Islington and have 3 more children, the first 2 die in infancy. They live at this address until sometime between 1883 and 1885, when another child is born and at the time of his baptism they are at 8 Turner Square, Hoxton.

By 1888 they are at 77 Crondall Street, Hoxton, Old Town, London and have another daughter. Harry’s son Henry has joined him as an artificial florist. In February 1892, another son is born and by the time of his baptism a month later, they have moved down the road to 127 Crondall Street (a year later Harry’s brother, Charles lives at number 77). Their youngest child is born in 1896 and the family is now at 39 Shepperton Road in Islington, round the corner from where Harry was born.

By 1898, Harry’s business was failing. A charity concert was organised by his friends to help him.Harry Pullum TicketThe concert was managed by Mr Albert Samuel Batten (1864 – 1914) ,who was an artificial florist in Hoxton.(1891 and 1901 census). On the 1901 census, Albert’s 15 year old son’s occupation is given as pianoforte accompanist.Shoreditch Town Hall

The “Grand Concert” was held
at 8pm on Monday the 11th of July 1898
at Shoreditch Town Hall
and tickets sold for 2 shillings each.
The proceeds allowed Harry to get back on his feet.



On the 1901 census Harry, now 52, is living still
at 39 Shepperton Road, Islington and working as an artificial leaf maker on his own account at home. With him are:

  • His wife; Elizabeth Clara.
  • His eldest daughter, Elizabeth Clara, aged 30, who is widowed and working as Corset maker
  • Her 3 year old daughter, Emily Elizabeth Lown, Harry’s granddaughter.
    And his 5 youngest children:

    • Alice, aged 17 and working as a relief stamper (used a machine to stamp a relief, i.e. pattern, onto paper or fabric).
    • Frederick, aged 15, a box maker.
    • Frances, 12
    • Arthur, 7
    • Albert, 5

Harry died only a year later on the 21st of February 1902 aged 52 (predeceasing his father). He is buried in Chingford Mount Cemetery, Old Church Road, Chingford, London E4.

His wife Elizabeth Clara lived until 1914 and is buried with him.

Updated 27th August 2015