The 1939 Register

Note (30.05.2018) : All 1939 Register pages are being reviewed (following new searches)

At the start of WWII, the National Register was taken on 29th September 1939 and listed the personal details of every civilian in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.Henry, Harry and IvorAn initial search found 106 results, and a repeat 107.
After a 2 month gap, the search was repeated and there were 120 results, then 122.
The final number of records found to date is 124.
10 were excluded:1939 Register numbers

However my own immediate family were not present and widening the search found them to be transcribed as Pullen [now as Pullum(Pullen)], the original image for them showed the Pullum correctionsecond “u” had previously been another letter, possibly and “e” but had been heavily corrected to a “u”.

Because of this  I knew I needed to widen the search but  initially,  I was unable to view all the originals, so widening the search would not have helped as it would not only find all the Pullums but would include far more that were false positives. Therefore I searched for all Pullums on my database likely to be alive in England at the time of the 1939 register.

As at August  2016 there are 1003 individuals on my database, including wives (not all yet proven to be Pullums).

Taking into account:
● People in the Register who were born less than 100 years and a day ago and are still alive are ‘officially closed’.
● The Register was updated until 1991, meaning that the record of anyone who was born less than 100 years and a day ago but died prior to 1991 is not closed.
● The records of some people who died after 1991, have been opened if death certificates have been provided as evidence of death
● The Register was not intended to record members of the armed forces, so these are mostly be excluded.
Individuals were divided into the following groups:

1939 groups for individuals
1939 Morton
Therefore the number expected to be on the 1939 Register was:

1939 register expected

I separated these 277 individuals into 4 groups:

1939 register groups analysed

1939 register groups analysed graph

The identified records
were analysed for:
Marital Status
Households and Relationships

Closed Records
For the records that were:
(a) Closed but almost definitely identified
– were examined for relationship i.e. reason why likely this person,
then analysed for age and gender.
(b) Closed record and unsure if identified
– were examined for relationships, reasons why there was doubt,
then analysed for age and gender

Records not Found
Some thoughts on the records not found were also considered suggesting at least a further 28 records should have been found.

of all the findings combined

Update November 2016
concerning new records opened

Last updated: 25.11.16