1939 Register Update (Nov 2016)

Since the analysis of the 1939 Register, some closed records that had previously been closed were opened as the individuals were now born over 100years and a day ago or their deaths had been proven.

November 2016

According to Find My Past, 12 closed records had been opened, with a new total of 136 found on the straightforward search.
Of these, I had already found them previously and many were women who married a Pullum after 1939, so were not yet a Pullum themselves. (2 of these were not on my database and have now been added).

There were only 4 individuals for whom new information was available, so the found group increased by 4 to 82.
This was one less from each of the: “Not found”; “Likely found (closed)” & “Possibly found (closed)” groups.

2 were male & 2 female so the gender percentages were the same.
2 were under 10 years old and 2 were 14 and so in the 11 – 20 age group. This is as expected but does significantly alter the age graph, creating a greater skew to the left.

All 4 were of course all single but this had a minimal effect on the marriage status percentages.

The 2 youngest were at school, the two 14 year olds were in the tailoring industry [Gents tailoring hand and Learner (tailoring)].
This was already the largest occupational group.

2 resided in Hackney, London; 1 in Walthamstow, Essex and the other in Sevenoaks, Kent.
The one in Essex had already been accounted for and was on the descendants of William tree.
One of the ones in Hackney had already been accounted for and was also on the descendants of William tree.
The other in Hackney, was the daughter of a family for whom their place in the family tree (descendants of William) was not 100% sure.
She had been not however been accounted for as she had not been connected to this family and it was thought that the closed record with the family was her sister (now not found).
The one in Kent had not previously been found as he is not with his parents (descendants of Henry  Christopher) but with a family called Kent, the wife could be his maternal aunt.
Therefore only this last individual altered the number of households (by one) and added a new location of residence (Sevenoaks, Kent) and adds to the “outliers”.

Last updated 25.11.16