Civilian Deaths in WWII (UK)

The Blitz saw London being bombed for 57 consecutive nights by the Luftwaffe. Saturday the 7th of September 1940 was the first day of this attack, which came in two waves. The 348 bombers and 600 fighter aircraft made for the Thames Estuary.

Many people were evacuated by coach from the council estates close to Surrey Docks and taken to Keeton Road School in Bermondsey, which had been set up as a shelter.

Blitz29 Acorn Walk was in Surrey Docks and just over a mile from Keeton Road School.
At this address lived 39 year old Carman, Ernest Alfred Pullum with his wife of 20 years, Lucy. They had had seven children, but their eldest Ernest had died in 1932 at the age of 11.

Their other children were:
Lucy Amelia aged 17; Catherine Sarah aged 16; Stanley Charles age 15; and 3 daughters aged 7, 6 and 23months.  Additionally Lucy may have been pregnant with a daughter born on the 6th of May the following year.

It is not known if the whole family went to the shelter in Keeton Road School but during the second wave of bombing, the school was hit directly and 400 people were killed. Amongst those who died were the eldest three children, Lucy, Catherine and Stanley.

Lucy & Stanley noteThe address is now known to be 29 Acorn Walk, Bermondsey

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