Sources of Data for UK Military Personnel

Sources of data

Four on-line searches were carried out. The sites used were:
Ancestry, Family Search, Find my Past and the National Archives.

Total records = 57
Number of different Individuals = 32 (24 servicemen and 8 family etc.)
Note: Ancestry has also indexed some family members. Found on this search were a wife, 4 daughters and 2 sons (4 families). Also Phoebe Wall neé Pullum who married  Joseph Daniell Wall in 1906. For one service man, he was not in the search results but his daughter was and so his record could be accessed.

Family Search
Total records = 10
Number of different Individuals = 7

Find My Past
Total records = 50
Number of different Individuals = 29

The National Archives
Total records = 26
Number of different Individuals = 23

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Total records = 8
3 were civilians, 3 died in WWI and 2 in WWII.

Overall the total number of different Individuals identified was 46.
Of these 8 were family members as detailed above.
Therefore there were 38 servicemen.

29 had served in World War I
9 had served in World War II

Additional personnel were found e.g In the London Gazette.

Many records have been lost or destroyed, so the number who actually served would be higher than these figures.

Also about 7 months after leaving prison, Percy Pullum, started using his middle names, Digby Templeton and joined the army. He had retired by 1911 but rejoined at the start of WWI.

Most could be identified as those on my database / tree but some could not because either there were several possibilities of who they could be or no likely candidate was found.
There were 6 such individuals ( 5 WWI and 1 WWII).

UPDATE: and additional record was found 21.02.18, which was a First World War Soldiers’ Medical Records on fmp, for William Henry John Pullum.


(Last updated 22.02.18)