Pullums in Australia and New Zealand

Having searched the major genealogy sites, I have found few Pullum connections in Australia and New Zealand.


Those found are 3 brothers from Shoreditch, sons of George Pullum and Frances Horner. George was a commercial traveller in the clothing trade, although I have not found him travelling abroad.

George and Frances’s eldest 3 sons all died in their 20s.

Their fourth child, Walter James Pullum (born 1866) aged 15 was a draper’s clerk and when he was 20, he emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. He worked there as a clerk until 1895, aged 25, he formed a partnership with C. J. Coles; and then acquired O’Farrell and Co.(Livestock Bazzar)and changed the name to Pullum & Coles.Bullock Team Outside O'Farrells Livestock Bazaar & Coles & Pullum Market, Ballarat, Victoria, circa 1905

On 11th December 1899, he married Caroline Priscilla Coles, daughter of Charles Coles. They had one son, Ernest Charles Reginald, born in 1900 and six years later a daughter Caroline Betty. The family travelled a lot but they continued to live in Australia. Walter James Pullum was listed in the 1927 and 1929 edition of Who’s Who in Australia. Walter and Caroline both died in St Kilda, Victoria, her on 19th March 1950 and her husband 2 years later on 22nd September 1952.

Their son Ernest served in the Royal Air Force Administrative and Special Duties branch and was a pilot officer on probation in 1940. Three Years later in South Merioneth, Merionethshire, Wales, he married Maisie Ottignon neé Rowbottom. Following their marriage, they lived in 98 Park Street, South Yarra, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia. Ernest was still working as a wine merchant at the time of his death on 30th May 1956. Maisie moved to 81 Mason Street, Domain, Melbourne Ports, Victoria, Australia and died 8th January 1982. I have found no record of any children of theirs.

Caroline Betty’s travels are less well documented. She is with her parents on the Jutlandia, aged 27 in 1934 but the next documentation I have found is her death in Bournemouth, Dorset, England in 1976.

Apart from his 3 elder brothers who died young, Walter James had 8 other siblings.

Edmund born 1868, although a commercial traveller, lived and died in North London and I have not found evidence of him travelling abroad. There were four sisters who also all remained in London. The youngest child Octavius only moved as far as South London and Kent.

The remaining two brothers travelled further afield. Albert Victor went to Sydney, Australia in 1892 aged 21. He travelled around Australia for a number of years and working as a drapery warehouseman. By 1899 was living in The Mansions, George Street, Queensland, Australia.

His younger brother Herbert Charles left London for Syndey, via Germany in 1898 aged 20. He was working as a commercial traveller. They were both living in The Mansions, George Street in 1900. Three years later Herbert is still living there but Albert wasn’t, his business having become insolvent in 1900. Albert married Frances H Alting (Fanny) in 1902 and they went to New York, USA in 1904. I have no information after 1928.

In 1904 Herbert visits San Francisco and the UK. The same year he marries Henrietta Fredrica Myers in Fulham, London. (Henrietta was born in Gabriels, Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand). They have a daughter Ellen (Nellie) Frances a year later and a second Mary Ethel Henrietta in 1910. On the 1911 census Henrietta and her two daughters are at 8 Fairfax Road, Hornsey, North London, England and under her occupation, she has noted “husband away”. There are records of the family travelling to and from Australia a couple of times over the next couple of years, returning in 1914. By the time of his death in 1927 they are in Chiswick, where Herbert was a factory manager. Following his death, Henrietta and her daughter return to Australia. Henrietta settles in Freemantle, Western Australia and remains there until her death aged 91.

The eldest daughter Ellen, does not however stay in Australia. She goes to New Zealand then London, England and marries George Ewart Vaughan Glyndwr Owen in Thames Ditton, Surrey on 11th January 1930. Their son Hugh is born in Greenwich in 1933. They travel back to Australia, three years later. She and her husband are at the same address as her mother from 1954 and Ellen was still in Freemantle in 1980.

Herbert and Henrietta’s second daughter, Mary, travelled back with her mother and sister to Australia in 1927.
In 1936 she married Thomas Williamson Annison in Auckland in 1936. They had two sons (one of whom provided me with these details). In 1942, Thomas was a dispatch clerk when he enlisted in the New Zealand Army and served as a gunner in the artillery. The family were living at 10 Chatham Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand, an address Mary and Thomas lived at for about 60 years. Thomas worked as a warehouse dispatch manager.
Mary died in Auckland at the age of 77 in 1988.

Emigrated Briefly & intermittently Pullum

Although born Percy Digby Templeton Pullum, after a brush with the law, Percy used the name Digby Templeton (his father’s stage name was Harry Templeton) during his army career. After WWI and his daughter’s marriage, in 1919 he travelled with his wife Mary Jane neé Abraham on the Ormonde, 3rd class from London to Melbourne, Australia, arriving on Boxing Day 1919. He travelled as P.D Templeton (messenger) but on Australian electoral rolls was Percy Digby Pullum Templeton, with the occupation of Gentleman. He and Mary Jane lived in the small town of Alvie near Beeac, Corangmite, Victoria, Australia. However they only stayed in Australia until 1922, and then boarded the Orsova  to Tilbury, Essex. He was now a farm hand, still called Percy but had again dropped the Pullum name.

Born Pullum but married before emigration

Although her surname was Grieve by the time she entered Australia, Emily Rose was born Pullum in 1878 in Hackney, London, England. She was related to the above family, being the second cousin of Ernest Charles Reginald Pullum.
She married Thomas Charles Grieve in 1897 in Hackney and they emigrated to Australia, leaving London on 13th August 1914 with their 4 children and arriving in Sydney, Australia on 26th September. She died in Noon, Victoria in 1965.

New Zealand

Frederick Charles Pullum was born in 1920 in the St Pancras area of London. He was the eldest of the 5 children of William John Pullum and his wife Maud Adelaide neé Clarke. He married Alice Rans in Shoreditch in 1942. They had 2 children in 1943 and 1948. Frederick worked as an engineer.
On the 2nd of October 1953, the family left for New Zealand on the Rangitiki.
They lived in Waitemata, Auckland, New Zealand. Frederick continued to be an engineer and Alice was a typist. Frederick died in 1963, aged 43 in Hamilton, New Zealand. Alice moved to Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand.
This line may be continuing and Alice may have remarried.

Up to Date

Using a search engine, I have found that presently there are a few (4 found) Pullums living and/or working in Australia but it is not clear whether they were born there, and at least one states that they were born in London, England and for two others there is evidence that this is probably also the case.

The website Forebears (http://forebears.io) shows 17 Pullums in Australia in 2014 (and 7 in New Zealand) making Australia the country with the 3rd highest density of Pullums after the USA and UK. Although the frequency is only  1:1,386,247.

Table Summary

Walter James Pullum
1866 Birth Hackney, London, England
1889 Emigration Melbourne Australia
1899 Married Victoria, Australia
1952 Died St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Caroline Priscilla Pullum neé Coles
1871 Birth Prahran, Victoria, Australia
1899 Married Victoria, Australia
1950 Died St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Ernest Charles Reginald Pullum
1900 Birth Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
1940 RAF UK
1943 Marriage South Merioneth, Merionethshire, Wales
1956 Death Park, Victoria, Australia
Maisie Ottignon neé Rowbottom
1905 Birth King’s Norton, Worcestershire
1943 Marriage South Merioneth, Merionethshire, Wales
1982 Death Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Caroline Betty Pullum
1906 Birth Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
1976 Death Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Albert Victor Pullum
1871 Birth Hackney, London, England
1892 Emigration Sydney, Australia
1902 Marriage Sydney, Australia
1904 Emigration USA
Frances H Pullum neé Alting
1872 Birth England (unproven)
1902 Marriage Sydney, Australia
1904 Emigration USA
Herbert Charles Pullum
1878 Birth Shoreditch, London
1898 Emigration Sydney, Australia
1904 Marriage Fulham, London
1912 – 1914 Emigration Sydney, Australia
1927 Death Chiswick, London
Henrietta Fredrica Pullum neé Myers
1875 Birth Gabriels, Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
1904 Marriage Fulham, London
1912 – 1914 Emigration Sydney, Australia
Before 1927 Residing Chiswick, London
1927 Emigration Sydney, Australia onto Freemantle, Western Australia
1966 Death Freemantle, Western Australia
Ellen (Nellie) Frances Pullum
1905 Birth Rochford, Essex
1912 – 1914 Emigration Sydney, Australia
Before 1927 Residing Chiswick, London
1927 Emigration Sydney, Australia onto Freemantle, Western Australia
1929 Travel New Zealand then London, England
1930 Marriage Thames Ditton, Surrey
1936 Emigration Freemantle, Western Australia
Mary Ethel Henrietta Pullum
1910 Birth England (?Edmonton, Middlesex)
1927 Emigration Sydney, Australia onto Freemantle, Western Australia
1936 Marriage Auckland, New Zealand
1988 Death Auckland, New Zealand
Emily Rose Grieve nee Pullum
1878 Birth Hackney, London, England
1965 Death Noon, Victoria, Australia (Recorded as Rose Emily)
 Frederick C Pullum
 1920  Birth  St Pancras, London, England
 1942  Marriage  Shoreditch, London, England
 1953  Emigration  Wellington, New Zealand
 1963  Death  Hamilton, New Zealand
 Alice Pullum neé Rans
 1923  Birth  Shoreditch, London, England
 1942  Marriage  Shoreditch, London, England
 1953  Emigration  Wellington, New Zealand


 (Last updated 25.03.18)


2 thoughts on “Pullums in Australia and New Zealand

  1. Jean Cooper ( nee Pullum)

    I am a member of the Pullum family. My line is from Christopher pullum who was a waterman and a butcher. He was born in 1805. His brother was William Pullum born in 1796. They had a sister Harriet who moved to USA. I know about the rhyme and was always told about it by my great uncle. When Hubert Le France came over in 1757 he had married Martha Denioure. I have both family trees. I have only managed to get back to 1666 because of the fire of London. The family appear to have been Weavers, Watermen, Butchers and Business men. The earliest record I have is if Richard Pullum an apprentice weaver in 1666. I would welcome any contact you may wish to make. My maiden name was Pullum.


    1. Pullum ONS Post author

      Thank you for your comments. Great that you know about the rhyme too! I have Richard Pullum with an estimated birth of 1635 (Tree 1- baseline). I am going back over the tree and the spelling does vary quite a bit back then as expected. As well as the occupations you mention I have found a number of artificial florists probably from the Huguenot influence. You are descended from what I have labelled a tree 4 and I am from tree 3 (which I have now discovered has a broken link – ty I will fix it). According to my research, you were born in Southwark and are daughter of Ernest Alfred. There are some queries surrounding his middle name on different records especially the 1911 census, so it would be great to compare to your information.



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