Some Pullums of Interest

Below are some “famous” Pullums or those for whom I have found interesting stories.

The Wizard of Weight-lifting
(Horatio) William Arthur Pullum (1887 – 1960)

Professor Hundreds
William Banner Pullum (1844 – 1889)

An Fine Romance?
William Pullum (1824 – 1910) and Jane Susannah Slatter (1822 – 1865)
(and the start of the Banner Pullums)

Catastrophe in Regents Park
Edmund Pullum (1841 – 1867)

Died suddenly in Margate
Ernest Edward Pullum (1865 – 1893)

Doggett’s Coat and Badge (almost)
Joseph Pullum (1782 – 1837)

The Victorian Artificial Flower Makers
The commonest Pullum occupation on the 1871 Census

A Grand Concert
Henry (Harry) Alfred Pullum (1949 – 1902)

Music Hall and Minstrels
Henry Ebenezer Pullum (1828 – 1890)
aka Harry Templeton

From Baker, Burglar, Soldier, Buyer to an Officer and a Gentleman.
Percy Digby Templeton Pullum (1864 – 1929)

Singing the Blues
Joe Pullum (1905 – 1964)

Church, Bricks and Shoes for Freedmen’s Town
Reverend Ned P Pullum (1862 – 1927)

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in “Terrible”€ Terrell County
D. Ulysses Pullum

Coles & Pullum Cattle Market, Ballarat
Walter James Pullum (1866 – 1952)

Jamestown Settlers 1636
Edward & Edmund Pullum

Well Published Professor of Linguistics
Geoffrey Keith Pullum (1945 living)

 (Last updated 24.01.18)

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